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10 Awesome Plumbing Memes For 2018

The most important advice anyone can give you is to enjoy the humor in life. After spending 40+ hours a week in serious business mode, it’s an essential skill to be able to have a chuckle or two.

As plumbers, we see our fair share of stress - particularly when our customers call us with emergency plumbing situations.

We always work diligently to find them a quality solution, but oftentimes these issues stem from some DIY mishap. These mishaps are often the source material for some of our favorite humor - plumbing memes.

In order to celebrate the end of a successful year, and as a way to prepare for another year of fun plumbing services, we offer our customers a look into our top 10 favorite plumbing inspired memes of 2018!

  1. Social Media: When you can’t get enough of your likes, favorites, and shares, take the fun to your bathroom decorating too! Nothing says “I love social media,” quite like a custom-made shower curtain complete with a profile pic.socialmedia
  2. Puppy Plumbers: Who knew, the answer to getting to those hard to reach areas in your plumbing is a helping paw...or just enough cuddling to stop you from losing your cool when that one nut won’t turn.dogs
  3. Ron Burgundy: Stay classy home plumbing. Always be sure to flex your muscles for your plumber and point them in the right direction of that water leak.pipes
  4. Cutting Water: So you didn’t mean literally cutting the water? What’s the main water valve and how do I find it in my home?cutwater
  5. Cat Pool: Floating cat doesn’t appreciate your ambitious plumbing repair. Floating cat just want’s a relaxing day without the risk of getting soaked.cat
  6. Nut Funny: Do plumbers ever tell good jokes? Only the ones that are screwy - and even then - you run the risk of another nut funny pun.nut
  7. Dos XX: By the third time you visit your local hardware store, chances are you’ll be offered a helping hand. Or you can forget that other screw you’re going to need to secure that new faucet and get lunch for your family too.interestingman
  8. Drano: Who has time for reading directions? Drano should work on any clog - maybe you just need to pour more before it starts working - said no experienced plumber ever.drano
  9. Cooking Grease: What do you get when hot cooking grease meets cold water? A huge blockage - so the next time you finish frying some bacon - save the grease instead. Your pipes will thank you later.hotoil
  10. Plumbing War: Nothing says your plumbing is shot, like throwing on your Viking hat and having some fun in your flooded basement. Glass half full right?viking

Call a Plumber Instead

As homeowners and handy ones at that, we appreciate folks who try to fix issues on their own.

However, some of these DIY fixes, are often the source of our plumbing humor. If you own a home in Miami, Falcon Plumbing can help you with all your plumbing needs.

Best of all? We have a sense of humor too! So be sure to comment and favorite our plumbing memes, and give us a call the next time you need some plumbing help.

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