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5 Bad Toilet Habits You Weren’t Aware Of

Every industry has a list of old, dated, or completely untrue pieces of advice that people shouldn’t listen to. Even your parents probably told you a few tidbits of information that we now know to be false: “don’t sit next too close to the TV, you’ll go blind” or “don’t run through the grass barefoot because you’ll get worms.”

As adults, we are mostly able to discern what is true versus false, but sometimes we have persistent bad habits that can cause serious damage to things around us. In this particular case, we are talking about toilet habits and the fact that there is probably a list of things you do, ignore, or attempt to fix yourself without realizing you could be doing serious damage. Keep reading to find out exactly the habits we’re referencing and how they can affect your home’s plumbing!

Problems With Your Piping

Are you wondering what bad toilet habits we keep referring to? Most of them have to do with what you flush, but here is a solid list of things you should or should not be doing:

  • toiletpipesFlushing grease: grease has no place in your toilet or your plumbing. You probably have heard that you shouldn’t drain cooking oil into the sink, but this also applies to flushing it down the toilet. As grease cools, it will congeal and buildup in your pipes causing blockages.
  • Flushing products: your toilet is meant to flush waste and toilet paper. It doesn’t matter if feminine products or baby wipes label themselves as flushable--don’t do it. By continually flushing these items, you are setting yourself up for a major clog or blockage.
  • Flushing once: everyone has to spend a bit of time on the toilet, and most people believe that flushing once is all you need. Although one flush may remove the contents of the bowl, it may not push the waste far enough into the pipes so it can reach the sewer line or septic tank.
  • Wrong tools: the only tool you should wield when dealing with a toilet issue is a plunger. Other than that, leave the auger and mechanical snakes alone and allow the professionals to use them. Incorrect use of these items can damage your toilet or push a clog just out of reach which will result in more expensive repair bills.
  • Ignoring the problem: when you begin to notice issues with your toilet or any part of your plumbing, take care of them right away. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem does not make it go away and generally will make it worse.

Dealing With Damages

damageShould you wait too long to repair a toilet or remove a clog, significant damage can occur to your toilet.

As clogs worsen and less water is able to pass through or around them, pressure begins to build. The pressure that builds can result in leaking or ruptured pipes.

A leaky pipe might not be a huge issue, but when undetected, it can cause just as much damage to your home as a ruptured pipe.

Also, failing to make the needed repairs to a toilet can mean the need for the installation of a replacement, adding more money to the final cost.

Actual Costs of Toilet Repair

repaircostIt is not difficult to go to a hardware store and rent the tools you might need to repair a toilet. Unfortunately, the knowledge to properly use those tools comes with years of experience and training that you might not have.

Being that this is the case in most situations, it is probable that you will cause more damage to your toilet and plumbing which will mean more extensive repairs.

Instead of attempting a toilet DIY, call Falcon Plumbing at (305) 251-7333. We can remove clogs, fix leaks, and solve any plumbing mysteries you might be dealing with!

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