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Don’t Forget to Check Your Sewer System

Your sewer system is one of the most important components of your home’s plumbing system. Your home has a piping system to bring clean water into your home, but it also has a system to carry wastewater out of your home.

While we generally focus more on the clean water, removing dirty water from your home is essential for your plumbing to work properly. Problems with your drainage line or backups in your sewer system can create problems throughout your home’s plumbing system.

As a result, it’s important to regularly check and clean out your sewer lines. It only takes one sewage backing up in your home to remind you how important this maintenance is. In hopes of helping you avoid this type of plumbing emergency, today we’re going to talk all about sewer systems and sewer system services.

What Are The Basics of Your Sewer System

whatsewersystemYour home has a drain system to remove dirty water from your house. This system is driven by gravity, with pipes taking waste down and out of your home.

Your home’s drainage lines then go down to connect to a sewer line where it will be taken to a wastewater treatment facility.

While your home likely has vents to help drive waste water out of your home, gravity provides the main force. If there are blockages in your line, wastewater is not able to flow out of your home and your entire system can back up.

Sewer System Services, Checks, and Cleanouts

sewersystemcheckIt’s often hard to know that you have a problem with your sewer line until you have a major blockage or problem. Obviously, everyone wants to avoid this whenever possible.

One simple way to avoid a major issue is through regular sewer line checks and cleanouts. You should have your sewer line cleaned at least once every two years.

During this time, your plumber will insert a video camera into your pipes to identify any build-ups and to ensure that the line is clear. While you’ll want to have your line cleaned at least every 24 months, you should immediately have your line checked if you think that you have a problem.

If you have sewage backing up in drains, hear a gurgling sound in your pipes, smell sewage or have slow or sluggish drains, it could mean that you have a problem. Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency. Instead, have your pipes inspected and cleaned as soon as possible.

The Problems Caused by a Blocked Sewer System

blockedsewersystemA blocked sewer system means major problems for your home’s plumbing system. Instead of having one blocked drain, every drain in your home is blocked.

This can lead to sewage backing up in your home, foul smells, serious water damage and even damage to your home’s pipes. At times, a blockage becomes so severe that the entire sewer line needs to be replaced.

This is a big and expensive project. A blocked sewer line can cause substantial damage to your home and your plumbing systems, and it’s one plumbing emergency that you want to avoid whenever you can.

To avoid having this problem, make sure that you’re up to date on sewer system services. If you need to have your line inspected or cleaned, call Falcon Plumbing today at (305) 251-7333.

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