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Water Leak Repair

DIY Tips for Fixing a Leaky Garden Hose

A leak in your garden hose may not seem like a big deal, but even the smallest leak can push up your monthly water bills and cause you to spend more than you have to.  Homeowners who put off hose repairs are costing themselves more than they realize every time they use their hose.

How can you avoid the extra cost associated with hose leaks? Take a look at our easy DIY hose repair steps:

Find Out Where Your Leak is Located

To locate where, exactly, your hose is leaking, just attach the spray nozzle to the end of your hose and don’t release it, but turn on the flow of water into your hose. The pressure of the water inside the hose will show you exactly where the leak is located. If you can, mark the area with a permanent marker so you can see where it is when the water is shut off.

Solving a Leaky Faucet

The faucet that connects your hose to your plumbing system is also called the “hose bib,” and over time the connections in this area can begin to wear out, especially if you use your garden hose on a regular basis.

To solve any issues with your hose bib, the first thing you ought to do is to inspect the status of your packing nut, which is the bolt that connects your hose bib together. If it looks worn-out, or if it’s leaking, you can easily tighten it with a standard wrench to tighten the connection and eliminate the leak.

If you still have a leak after tightening the packing nut, remove it and wrap Teflon tape around the stem of the faucet, and push the packing nut back into place. The tape will prevent any further leakage.

Solving Hose Connector Issues

Have you checked your gasket? If you’re experiencing a problem with your hose connector, then this should be the first thing that you inspect. If the gasket is intact, you can simply snip off the end of the hose and use a hose barb kit to replace it with a new, fully functioning end.

Solving Hose Leaks

Replacing a leaky section of your hose is as easy as can be: just purchase a hose repair kit from a hardware store and cut the damaged section of the hose off with garden shears. Then, use the kit to clamp both ends and use the coupler provided in the kit to reattach them to restore your hose to perfect working order.

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