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The Latest Toilet Technologies

As with many of the other household elements that we use on a daily basis, the toilet has seen major technological changes in recent years. Designers are incorporating a wide variety of features into the toilet such as:

Miami, FL Toilet-TechnologiesHands-Free Flush

Toilets that you do not have to touch are no longer just for high-traffic institutional restrooms. Now you can have one in your Miami home.

Kohler's touch-less toilet technology offers you the ability to flush simply by holding your hand over a sensor installed in the tank lid.

This allows you to avoid contact with germ-laden surfaces. Kohler is offering the feature on a variety of new models. You can also get a kit that will retrofit most older toilets including many from other manufacturers.

High Efficiency

Toto is the leading toilet manufacturer in Japan. Toto's Carlyle II 1G is able to flush using only one gallon of water. This is less water than is used by any of the other ultra-efficient toilets on the market.

Most of those use roughly 1.28 gallons with each flush. The Carlyle II uses Double Cyclone technology to flush with limited water. If your Miami home has older toilets, upgrading to this model could save you as much as $100 per year in water costs.

Roca offers the W+W. The W+W stands for washbasin + water closet. This toilet saves and treats your sink wastewater and recycles it for flushing the toilet. This ensures that you use the same amount of water at the sink but no additional water for your toilet.

Odor Elimination

The Pure-fresh toilet seat is yet another toilet innovation from Kohler and has an integrated carbon filter to neutralize odors. A built-in fan is activated when the user sits down. The filtered air is directed over a scent pack within the toilet.

Easy Cleaning

American Standard's Champion-4 includes the EverClean surface that prevents the buildup of stains inside the toilet bowl that would require an acidic cleaner to remove.

It also stops the growth of the bacteria and molds that commonly grow under toilet seats. It allows you to clean the bowl with every flush thus saving yourself work.

Motion-Activated Lid

This lid opens when someone stands in front of the toilet. Just like the hands-free flush, the motion-activated lid allows the user to avoid contact with potentially unclean surfaces.

To find out more about getting the latest toilet technology for your Miami, FL home, contact Falcon Plumbing by calling (305) 251-7333.

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