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Top 5 Plumbing Myths

By avoiding these common plumbing myths, you can save yourself big bucks in unnecessary plumbing expenditures!

Miami, FL plumbing_servicesRunning a few Lemons through your Garbage Disposal is a great way to Keep it Clean!

We all know lemons freshen rooms, reduce unpleasant odors and that many common cleaners contain lemon, so it must be a good way to clean the garbage disposal, right?

Not so much. Grinding up a lemon every so often may temporarily improve the aroma of the disposal, but it will not actually clean it.

If You Keep the Water Running While Using the Garbage Disposal, it can Manage almost Any Refuse!

Sorry! Wrong again! Learn the capacity of your disposal; read the User's Manual. You may find that thick banana peels and hard egg shells need pretreatment. Ignoring your Miami home unit's guidelines may lead to costly repairs or even the need to replace it.

As long as things Keep Going Down my Drain, it can't be Clogged!

Wishes! No matter how scrupulous you are, natural and man-made materials exit through the drain that would be better kept at bay. Sticky pasta, long strands of hair, grease and oil from food products, household cleaners etc., all contribute to clogging your drain.

Try using enzyme tablets as directed to prevent clogs and by all means, keep up the good work guarding the drains as much as you can. Your efforts can prevent expensive plumber visits.

You can clean Your Plumbing Fixtures with Common Hand Soap

Many of us have been doing this out of convenience for a long time, but most of your fixtures are metal; it's unlikely that the same soap could appropriately clean hard metal surfaces and delicate skin.

Find a product designed for plumbing fixtures and keep it near the sink so you won't be tempted to take the hand soap short-cut again; it pays to keep your fixtures in good condition.

Plumbing Fixtures Require Little or No Maintenance

This is so well-accepted that few people perform any maintenance on their plumbing fixtures, which is a shame. We all want more in the bank and fewer bills; a good way to contribute to this goal is to add a little plumbing maintenance to your Miami household routine.

Perform a visual inspection for leaks, worn fixtures or any obstruction to drains. Your drains and your bank account will thank you!

If you haven't had your Miami, FL plumbing system checked out, there's no better time than now to call Falcon Plumbing at (305) 251-7333!

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