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How to Drain Your Water Heater

Water heaters are pretty tough. They can last for decades if well-maintained, however, neglect can cause the heaters to fail prematurely and require replacement.

Miami, FL water-heater-servicesDraining your Miami home water heater is necessary because it helps you get more years out of it.

Plumbing and HVAC experts recommend that it be drained often to avoid common water heater problems.

What Kind of Problems Happen When the Water Heater Isn’t Drained?

If the water heater isn’t drained, the available water supply is disrupted. Water will have a difficult time reaching its destination because it gets trapped in the valves.

It can begin to make sputtering noises when the sediment is allowed to accumulate to high quantities.

The water supply can also be affected if the sediment accidentally travels through the pipelines up to faucets. The sediment, toxins and bacteria trapped in the water supply can cause potential safety risks.

How Often Should the Water Heater be Drained?

Getting the water heater drained every six months maximizes its performance and guarantees soft water when needed. Draining the system every six months in areas where the water is considered hard is recommended because sediment will build up much more quickly in these conditions.

Is it Time to Drain my Water Heater?

If unsure of when to drain the unit, schedule an appointment to have it serviced. From there, it should be done every six months. Tell-tale signs that the unit is overdue for service is loud noises from the system and restricted water flow. In severe cases, flooding problems can occur when the pressure reaches high levels.

What Are the Steps for Draining Water?

The very first step is to cut off the water supply. After shutting it off, a garden hose should be attached to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank.

Make sure that the drain valve and pressure relief valve are both opened so that the water can exit the unit. After the cold water valve has been left open for several minutes, the pressure relief valve can be filled up. Relight the pilot light or turn on the electricity again to restore water.

The sediment will damage the plumbing and the unit, leading to costly repairs. To prevent clogged valves, faucets and toilets, have the system drained every six months. Doing so will protect the plumbing and improve your Miami home water quality.

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