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Three Main Water Heater Regulations

A water heater is one of the most important appliances that your Miami home contains, yet most people don't think much about it until the water coming out of your faucet fails to heat up.

Miami, FL water-heater-services-300x200Nearly twenty percent of the energy costs produced by your home each month are the result of using your water heater, making it a necessity and subject to local, state, and federal regulations that are important to follow.

The growing trend towards saving energy in the United States sparked the interest of the Department of Energy, which recently enacted new regulations aimed towards increasing the energy efficient in water heaters.

Other reasons that government officials put various regulations on water heaters are to ensure that they are not only safe, but that they perform properly. There are three main water heater regulations including:

Energy Efficient Standards

Energy consumption has been a topic of debate in recent years. A primary goal of enforcing water heater regulations is to develop good energy efficiency standards by lowering energy bills and reducing overall energy consumption that water heaters use. As a primary factor for your monthly utility bill, consumers should see this as a positive movement that could save them hundreds.

Construction Guidelines

Water heaters are built in a similar manner, even if the design preferences vary between manufacturers. Regulations have dictated the guidelines of how water heaters can be constructed and place restrictions of various details.

Manufacturers are well aware of what is and is not allowed when they are building water heaters. This regulation is in place to ensure safety and efficiency.

Size Guidelines

Based on the manufacturer that constructed your water heater, it will come in various sizes. Regardless of size, all water heaters operate in the same way. Some are taller than others, while many offer more depth or width. This can make specific water heaters more accommodating based on a Miami homeowners use of space.

While some individuals may wonder why water heater regulations are required, it is necessary to understand that water heaters not only affect the atmosphere, but they also are a strain on energy resources.

Carbon monoxide emissions, costly utilities, and potential safety concerns are all factors that are taken into consideration when organizations develop specific guidelines in relation to water heaters. Furthermore, water heaters that comply with all the regulations tend to last longer.

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