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Major Pros of Using a Garbage Disposal

If you have never experienced having a garbage disposal in your kitchen, now may be the time. These units are experts at removing extra food waste that accumulates after meals.

They easily mount to the underside of your sink drain, powerfully chewing up food scraps that would otherwise reside within your pipes. Check out the three major pros of using a garbage disposal, and find out if it is right for your kitchen.

1 - No More Clogs With Clear Pipes

“clearpipes”It’s no secret that clogs are an unwanted inconvenience. And they usually happen at the worst time.

Avoid clogs in your drain pipe by installing a garbage disposal. These devices inhibit food particles from entering your pipes, eliminating clogs for good.

Disposals have fast acting blades that break down food waste leftover from meal time, and force it down and out of your drain pipe. Combined with water, your excess food particles are flushed through your plumbing system and into the sewer, preventing clogs.

2 - Odorless Pipes

“cleansmell”The less odor inside your house, the better. No one wants to come home to a smelly kitchen.

This is the case for those without a garbage disposal unit. Food scraps that occur after meals are prepared and eaten can sometimes sneak by that drain screen and make a home inside your pipes.

This produces a foul-smelling odor once the food starts to rot. A disposal unit stops this from happening by breaking down the food and getting rid of it, so it no longer lingers in your plumbing.

3 - Washing Dishes is Easier

“washingdishes”If you find no one in your house wants to do the dishes, you may want to look at your sink. If it’s dirty, smells bad, and regurgitates water when you try to rinse your dishes, it’s no wonder.

Garbage disposals can help eliminate that unwanted dirty feeling in your sink. By removing clogs, and keeping the pipes clean and odorless, you won't have to worry about dirty water backing up when you’re trying to wash your dishes. No more cringing at the dirty dish pile after dinner.

Now, homeowners of Miami, FL are in the know when it comes to how beneficial garbage disposals really are. Anything that can do so much for you with a little push of a button is really handy to have around. With all of its qualities, you’ll be back in the kitchen and loving meal prep again in no time.

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