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Backflow Testing & Certification Services in Miami, FL

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Backflow Testing and Certification Services in Miami, FL

Backflow is what happens when the water flow in a pipe in your home or business becomes reversed. This can occur for a variety of reasons and always requires professional testing and certification from a certified plumbing technician. At Falcon Plumbing, our technicians are always equipped with the skills, equipment, and hands-on experience to solve your backflow issue with ease.

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Miami Homeowners Need Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is an important step to ensure that the water being supplied to your home or business is safe to drink and use. If the water flow to your residence or building has recently been interrupted due to external influences such as road work, construction, etc., backflow testing will guarantee that your water is free of contaminants which can often find their way into your water supply after construction.

How Do Backflow Tests Work?

Backflow testing must be carried out by a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester. Falcon Plumbing features technicians who are certified backflow testers. We inspect your backflow prevention assembly for proper operation. If the assembly needs to be repaired or replaced, our experts will carry out the service. This testing and certification process must be performed annually to ensure the continued safety of our community's drinking water supply.

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Is Backflow Dangerous?

Yes! If left untreated, backflow can lead to water contamination throughout your neighboring area, not just your home! This is why we emphasize annual backflow testing by a certified professional - you will be keeping your family and your community safe from contaminated drinking water.

Backflow results in harmful debris, bacteria, and chemicals - which are usually filtered out of your water system - to contaminate your water, causing illness and health issues. It makes your water unsafe to use, so you will not be able to drink it, wash with it, cook with it, or even do your laundry with it without the risk of coming into contact with harmful contaminants.

Keeping up to date with yearly backflow testing means you are able to enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind as you go about your daily routine.

When you call 305-251-7333 you can depend on a qualified technician to arrive at your Miami, FL home or business to perform a professional backflow test as quickly as possible. At Falcon Plumbing, we are dedicated to keeping your pipes flowing with safe, clean water.