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Water Leak Detection Services Throughout Miami, FL

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Water Leak Detection Services in Miami, FL

Did you know that a small leak somewhere in your plumbing system can cost you thousands on your water bill? It’s true! So if you’ve noticed that your water bill has been creeping up over the past while, give the expert technicians at Falcon Plumbing a call. We’re available to help you locate the source of the leak and to provide repair or replacement services to make sure that it’s solved, and that you stop losing money.

We’re proud to provide the kind of outstanding plumbing service that not only helps solve your plumbing issues, but which can also help you save long-term! We’re always happy to assist with one-off plumbing jobs, but we know that maintaining your plumbing system can go long way towards saving you money and avoiding costly and stressful emergencies.

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What Causes Hidden Water Leaks?

  • Old plumbing lines (can lead to corroded pipes)
  • Poorly installed pipes
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Large pipe blockages (if not removed, can damage your lines)

How Can We Solve the Problem?

A variety of methods are used in tracking down hidden water leaks.

Video camera inspection: This is the preferred method and involves infrared technology. A camera is snaked into the pipe system. This camera is designed to take pictures and videos of the pipe at different angles. We are then able to inspect the results for any cracks in the pipeline or other signs of leaking.

Meter detection: This involves using a digital instrument to search for signs of leaking. A water meter is added to one end of the external points. The water pressure in the pipes will help the meter assess the point of leaking.

Digging and drilling: In some cases we will need to carry out some digging to locate the leak. The process may also involve drilling certain areas of your flooring or wall. We try to avoid this method and view it as a last resort.

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Water Leak Repair

A water leak can happen for a variety of reasons and the easiest way to determine the cause is to book a professional inspection with a trained Miami, FL plumbing technician from Falcon Plumbing. However, below are a few reasons why you may be experiencing a water leak:

Clogged drains or toilets: clogs which form in the pipes which connect your toilet, shower or sink to the rest of your plumbing system are among the leading causes for water leaks. This is because debris that gets flushed down the toilet or washed down a drain can easily get stuck and begin to cause build-up inside your pipes. In order to avoid these issues, be mindful of the items that you wash down the sink or flush down the toilet.

Shifting or deteriorating old pipes: depending on the age of your pipes, they may be shifting or beginning to wear out and deteriorate. As pipes age these types of occurrences will become more and more common.

Roots in your pipes: as tree roots spread out in search of new water sources they may break into your pipes and cause them to burst or leak. In this case these leaks can be especially hard to locate because they are located underground, and require a professional inspection to locate.

Our professional plumbers will locate the leak for you. Call Falcon Plumbing at 305-251-7333 today for expert leak location and repair services in Miami, FL!