Why Is Finding a Reliable Plumber During the Holiday Season Important?


3 Things You Should Ask and Inquire About in a Plumbing Company

When looking for a plumbing company, it is important to ask all the right questions. While there is some information online, there is no way of knowing if a company is worth it without digging deeper. Homeowners need to ask their local plumbers questions to ensure that they find a reliable plumber.

This is especially important during the holiday season. As plumbers are booked with preventative care and repairs, homeowners may need to call and inquire about many different plumber service companies at once. Homeowners need options to consider before making a decision based on their services, reviews, licenses and insurance, and maintenance plans.

Do They Have Positive Reviews?

hand pointing to 5 starsThe most important thing any homeowner can do is look at the reviews! If they have spotted a company that looks reliable, affordable, and honest, they should also review the reviews. This can start with a quick keyword search of “plumber near me” or “Miami plumber”. After choosing a website like Google reviews, Yelp, or Yahoo, homeowners need to look at the numbers and words.

For example, the majority of the ratings of the reviews should be between 4 and 5 stars. If it is lower, there is room to question the company’s services and quality. There are also words that homeowners need to spot as green flags that the company is a fitting choice. These words include “fair”, “friendly”, “professional”, and “responsible. If the opposite words are highlighted, homeowners may want to stay away from them.

What Licenses and Insurance do they have?

Homeowners should never feel scared or embarrassed to ask about the licenses and insurances that each company has. Licenses and insurance keep both parties protected from accidents and mishaps. There are still some things that can go wrong with the plumbing, and insurance can make sure that liability is in store along with solutions like compensation.

The more important part of licenses and insurance for plumbing maintenance companies is that they should be up to date and recent! There is no point in having insurance if it is no longer active or current.

What Maintenance Plan is Available?

plumber gesturing to under sinkPipes are easier to maintain than repair. This is also true about pricing. Instead of paying a lot of money for future repairs, it is better to look for a company that offers different maintenance plans to choose from. Within these plans are services that maintain and prevent damage to important plumbing in a home.

Maintenance plans are affordable. They are designed to lure new customers in to create regulars and to offer discounted prices for services that are necessary. Maintenance plans can be paid once a year, twice a year, or each month. The time varies depending on how the company runs its plans.

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Important Information About Home Repiping


Repiping Might Be the Best Option

The piping system is one of the most intricate systems of the modern home. In functionality, it is quite simple, but in design, things can get confusing rather quickly. That is why it is vital to have a trustworthy plumbing professional that fixes any problem the homeowner throws at them, including home repiping. Home repiping isn’t a topic that gets brought up much, but it can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and damages if everything is handled correctly and efficiently. That said, there are certain things that homeowners need to know to ensure they are prepared for when this day arrives. 

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Knowing When It’s Time For Home Repiping

confused woman

Knowing when to repipe a home’s plumbing system can be a little difficult to interpret. Sometimes the signs point to other issues. The easiest way to solve this problem is by calling a professional plumber. The professional will be able to tell right away if it’s time for home repiping. 

Still, some signs should never be ignored: 

  • Noisy pipes
  • Leaky pipes
  • Water that smells unusual 
  • The temperature is hard to change
  • There are water pressure issues

It is vital that the homeowner calls a professional the moment they notice any one of these signs. Doing so can save them money, time, and effort in the end. 

The Different Piping Materials Available 

When homeowners figure out that they need home repiping, this can be stressful enough. However, this is only the beginning. There are also decisions to be made regarding what material is best for the new piping. Of course, the plumbing professional is there to help and provide advice whenever need be. 


Regardless, two piping materials are used in most homes today: 

  • PVC Piping: This type of piping is a type of plastic, which means it is the most affordable option for piping. It also is quite durable and seems to be the most valuable option, so homeowners usually go with this material. 
  • Copper Piping: The use of copper pipes dates back to the beginning of indoor plumbing, but it is still one of the most widely used materials in modern home piping systems. It is still, by far, the most durable piping material on the market, but it also costs more to have it installed. 

Home Repiping: How It Works

Before the plumber can begin repiping, there are a few things that he will need to go over with the homeowner first. Mainly, deciding on a time that is most convenient for the homeowner. 

Typically, the best time to have repiping done is when the homeowner is busy for most of the afternoon or even an entire day. This gives the professional time to get the job done properly without distractions, but it also ensures that the homeowner isn’t inconvenienced in the process

It’s also a smart choice to repipe when the homeowner isn’t home because the water has to get turned off, and small holes have to be cut into the walls to locate the pipes. A trusted professional will ensure the job is done safely and efficiently and with the least disruptions to those in the home. 

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The experts at Falcon Plumbing in Miami, FL, are the plumbing professionals that work hard to ensure their customers are always happy and safe. Plumbing emergencies always seem to come at the worst times, but with these professionals around, Miami homeowners can trust that nearly any problem will be eradicated in no time. Call today to schedule a home repiping!