Why Should Homeowners Always Hire a Professional Plumber?


Are Expert Repairs Needed In Your Home?

Some plumbing tasks are easy for most homeowners, like unclogging the toilet with a plunger or installing a new shower head. However, most other plumbing problems and emergencies should only be handled by licensed and experienced professionals. Because plumbing deals with water and electricity, there is very little margin for error. Inexpert installations and repairs can cost thousands of dollars in unexpected damages.

Responsible homeowners understand the value of regular maintenance. Periodically performing preventative maintenance and getting checks from an expert keeps most plumbing problems from becoming emergencies. But the unexpected can and does happen. When plumbing emergencies occur, it is always best to get help from a trained professional plumber. If necessary, shut off the water source and call for help.

Pros Prevent Costly Mistakes

diy“There are some DIY projects that are the most fun and rewarding if you simply dive in and learn as you go. And then there’s plumbing.”

~ Popular Mechanics

Saving money by performing appropriate DIY maintenance and repairs is a good thing. Paying thousands of dollars for unnecessary repairs after attempting professional-level tasks is not.

For example, given that properly installing a water heater takes a few hours and plumbers charge by the hour, some owners think they can do the job themselves and save a few hundred dollars. But if even one step in the installation process is missed or done incorrectly, any or all of the following can happen:

  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Electrical shorts
  • Flooding
  • Water damage to walls, floors, furniture, and electronics
  • Electrical fire
  • Mold growth
  • An unusable expensive water heater with a voided warranty

None of this is an exaggeration. DIYers often overestimate their abilities and end up making costly mistakes. This example of a relatively straightforward plumbing job for a skilled professional can quickly become an expensive nightmare for an inexperienced DIY homeowner. 

Contractors Are Faster and More Efficient

time For anyone trying to do their plumbing repairs, there is nothing worse than wasting time by spending hours online half-learning how to do something, making multiple trips to the plumbing supply store, then coming home to find out that they also need specialized tools and equipment to do the job.

Trying to learn DIY plumbing requires a huge investment of time and energy. However, plumbers already carry the parts to handle most home plumbing tasks and repairs. They already have the specialized tools, equipment, and testing devices that are typically needed. And most importantly, licensed professional plumbers have the training and experience to fix the plumbing properly and use the supplies, tools, devices, and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly.

Professionalism Ensures Peace of Mind

In the state of Florida, certified plumbers are required by law to have:

  • A license issued by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
  • Proof of at least four years of experience or a combination of related training and experience
  • Insurance for public liability, workers’ compensation, and property damage
  • Proof that they have passed a State exam

A licensed plumber in Florida has far more training and experience than even the handiest homeowner. Plus, they are insured if an accident happens, which protects the homeowners from financial responsibility for injuries and damages. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their plumbing is in good hands, but they are protected if something bad happens. 

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Why Is Finding a Reliable Plumber During the Holiday Season Important?


3 Things You Should Ask and Inquire About in a Plumbing Company

When looking for a plumbing company, it is important to ask all the right questions. While there is some information online, there is no way of knowing if a company is worth it without digging deeper. Homeowners need to ask their local plumbers questions to ensure that they find a reliable plumber.

This is especially important during the holiday season. As plumbers are booked with preventative care and repairs, homeowners may need to call and inquire about many different plumber service companies at once. Homeowners need options to consider before making a decision based on their services, reviews, licenses and insurance, and maintenance plans.

Do They Have Positive Reviews?

hand pointing to 5 starsThe most important thing any homeowner can do is look at the reviews! If they have spotted a company that looks reliable, affordable, and honest, they should also review the reviews. This can start with a quick keyword search of “plumber near me” or “Miami plumber”. After choosing a website like Google reviews, Yelp, or Yahoo, homeowners need to look at the numbers and words.

For example, the majority of the ratings of the reviews should be between 4 and 5 stars. If it is lower, there is room to question the company’s services and quality. There are also words that homeowners need to spot as green flags that the company is a fitting choice. These words include “fair”, “friendly”, “professional”, and “responsible. If the opposite words are highlighted, homeowners may want to stay away from them.

What Licenses and Insurance do they have?

Homeowners should never feel scared or embarrassed to ask about the licenses and insurances that each company has. Licenses and insurance keep both parties protected from accidents and mishaps. There are still some things that can go wrong with the plumbing, and insurance can make sure that liability is in store along with solutions like compensation.

The more important part of licenses and insurance for plumbing maintenance companies is that they should be up to date and recent! There is no point in having insurance if it is no longer active or current.

What Maintenance Plan is Available?

plumber gesturing to under sinkPipes are easier to maintain than repair. This is also true about pricing. Instead of paying a lot of money for future repairs, it is better to look for a company that offers different maintenance plans to choose from. Within these plans are services that maintain and prevent damage to important plumbing in a home.

Maintenance plans are affordable. They are designed to lure new customers in to create regulars and to offer discounted prices for services that are necessary. Maintenance plans can be paid once a year, twice a year, or each month. The time varies depending on how the company runs its plans.

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Lillian Ann Baumbach Was the First Woman Master Plumber


The Legacy of The Pretty Plumber

Lillian Ann Baumbach was the first woman master plumber. She had paved the road to lead other women into the profession of plumbing. The professionals look up to her, and women want to be her. 

Lillian Ann Baumbach was not only the first women master plumber in the 1950s, but she was dubbed as the “Pretty Plumber”. When she was just the age of six, she began going on service calls with her father. When she was 12, Lillian was a regular helper on his jobs. She went with him to his service calls and added a bit of spark to her father’s company, Baumbach Plumbers of Arlington. 

woman The Making of A Female Master Plumber

It wasn’t a sight to be seen every day - a woman carrying around a wrench. After all, this was supposed to be a man’s job! It was very rare to see a woman turning wrenches under a bathroom sink or by a toilet at that time. When she graduated from Washington-Lee High School in 1947, she knew exactly what she wanted to do, so Lillian went to take the test to become a Master Plumber

She had received her certification and went on to perform plumbing tasks. However, she didn’t always go to the service calls. She did a lot of estimates and talked on the phone while sending the men out to do the heavy lifting. 

letters The Letters

After she had become the first woman Master Plumber, she began receiving fan letters from across the globe. The letters came, addressed to “The Pretty Plumber”, from all around the world- Australia, Alaska, Korea, and beyond! She accepted these letters and became the Pen-Pal of well over 250 men, many of whom wrote to ask for pictures, plumbing advice, and even propose marriage.

Afterward, she became the military pin-up girl for the Korean War. She was also in two television shows, was featured on the cover of a national plumbing magazine, and did a radio broadcast. She was a jack-of-all-trades type of woman. 

During this time, she got married to George W. “Bill” Jacobs. They lived together for 26 years and had two daughters. She then took over her father’s company and was elected president until her retirement in 1989.  

An Influential Woman 

At 1.1 percent, women are slowly starting to make up some of the plumbing industry statistics. Lillian Ann Baumbach lent a helping hand with this. She was the first of her kind and ran her father’s company successfully. Needless to say, her life had a significant impact on women looking to get into the plumbing industry today. 

Women looking to get into the plumbing industry should be well aware of the perks. The government offers Federal grants to women-owned companies. While there are still significantly more men in the industry than women, Lillian Ann Baumbach’s groundbreaking career in plumbing opened a door for generations of women to follow in her footsteps, becoming licensed and owning their own plumbing companies!  

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