What You Need to Know About a Home Repipe

Whole-Home Repiping Service

The Benefits of Repiping

Just like any other home appliance, a home’s plumbing system has to withstand a lot of use. They are used every day, multiple times throughout the day, and on-demand. While pipes normally work without our thinking about them, there are times when they can spring leaks, bust, or break altogether. 

Though pipes are durable and made to withstand regular use, with time they can also tend to wear down, become thin, crack, get holes in them, and even burst. Nearly every homeowner has experienced the frustration of a pipe that suddenly springs a leak. Whether it’s a slow leak that wets down your cement slab, a trickle that makes the wood support beams always wet and moist, or a continual leak that floods the basement, nearly everyone has experienced a leak. When this occurs, you’ll potentially face significant repair costs due to the impact a water leak can have on a home. 

In this article, you’ll learn what a home repipe is, why it’s beneficial when you might need it, and how to care for the plumbing system you have.

What Is a Home Repipe?

Home Repiping ToolsA home repipe occurs when the pipes in your home are too old to properly function. When pipes still have plenty of life left, then a simple patch or replacement is all that is needed to fix a leak. However, when you are dealing with numerous leaks and old pipes, then it becomes necessary to change the pipes in your house altogether. 

During a repipe, plumbers will cut away sections of drywall to access the piping in your home. They will then totally change out your old pipes with new ones. After the pipes are installed, the water is tested to ensure there are no more leaks or plumbing problems. Once the drywall is back in place, you won’t even know a repipe took place. 

Reasons for Repiping

There are several reasons why homeowners choose to have a whole-home repipe put in. Here are a few.

  • Old Pipes: The older your pipes the more likely they are to crack, leak, and wear through. If you own a home that is fifty years old and there has never been a repipe done, it could be beneficial to think about having one done.
  • Galvanized Pipes: These pipes are more prone to rust and corrosion than other options available today such as copper. 
  • Multiple Leaks: If you have leaks from multiple spots in various pipes around your plumbing system, it’s a clear sign that your piping needs to be replaced. While it’s possible to continue patching and replacing pieces of pipe, when you start to find multiple leaks, it points to the overall age of your pipes and a need for replacement.

Remember, the older the pipes, the more prone they are to cracks, leaks, bursting, and pinholes due to wear, use, and corrosion.

Tips for Preventing Pipe Damage

Pipe Damage Prevention Tips

In order to have a chance at preventing the need to completely repipe your home, it’s best to ensure proper maintenance of your plumbing. There are several things you can do to keep your pipes flowing as long as possible. First, watch what you flush and pour down the sink.

Never place things like oil, grease, or fat down the kitchen sink. When flushing the toilet, only use toilet paper and avoid “flushable” products, as they can create clogs. During the winter, be sure to wrap your pipes if you live in a zone that freezes. Wrapping pipes will prevent them from cracking, freezing, and bursting.

Finally, ensure you have the right fittings. Never place galvanized metal fittings onto a copper pipe, as the copper will corrode and begin to leak. Inspect your piping regularly to spot signs of wear and tear quickly. Do this and you’re sure to keep them in good shape.

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