Hydrojetting Solves Several Common Sewer Line Issues


What Exactly is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting or high-pressure drain cleaning is the latest innovation for breaking up sewer line clogs and cleaning sewer lines. Sewer lines are the most abused pipe in any household because they are expected to carry away a variety of types of waste without failing. However, sometimes they get overwhelmed and need attention. 

Until hydrojetting was developed, a drain auger was the best tool for the job regarding sewer line problems. Drain augers were great innovations, but they have some drawbacks. Modern hydro jets are much more powerful and versatile than drain augers or early high-pressure drain cleaning machines. These machines are so successful because they use pressurized water to cut through clogged debris while also spraying water against the inside of the pipe to remove scum and greasy buildup. Here are common scenarios that cause sewer line problems where hydrojetting can help. 

Breaks Up Invading Tree Roots 

rootsA common problem in sewer lines is tree roots that have invaded through a crack in the pipe wall. Before anyone can detect the sewer line has a crack, tree roots will send out feeders to tap into the rich water source and nutrients within. Once inside, tree roots rapidly grow, but they also catch debris in the sewer line. This makes some of the most serious clogs that plumbers see. 

Drain augers, often called rooters, were named because they were once the tool of choice against this problem. However, they often left roots within the pipe, only delaying the problem, not solving it. Hydrojetting completely removes roots, allowing for faster drainage, and once the crack is repaired, the problem is solved. 

Blasts Away Grease 

greaseAnother common cause of nasty sewer line clogs is a buildup of grease inside sewer lines that will trap any debris going down the drain. While cooking oil or grease should never be introduced into a drainage system, accidents happen. The best solution to solve these tough clogs is hydrojetting. 

Hydrojetting is also a great preventative measure because it removes any grease or debris in the pipe by blasting it with water at high pressure. After a sewer line has been cleaned and all debris flushed away, nothing is left to cause a clog. So, whether there is an active clog or just a vague feeling that a homeowner might be overdue for one, hydrojetting is the best answer. 

Pushes Non-Flushable Materials Down the Sewer Line

Non-flushable materials are things that should never be flushed down a toilet and include anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Most items deemed flushable are certainly not and can still cause damage to the plumbing, including nasty sewer line clogs. Things that shouldn’t be flushed include:

  • Wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Debris that falls into the toilet

When these items are flushed, they may not cause the toilet to clog, but that doesn't mean homeowners are in the clear. They can slowly build up inside the sewer line and cause a nasty clog. Hydrojetting is the best way to break up these clogs. Then homeowners can start practicing better flushing habits, so they never have to deal with these types of clogs again!

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