The Spook In Your Home Could Be Pipe Noises Not a Halloween Ghost


Is Your Plumbing System Making Scary Sounds?

It is that time again! Halloween is around the corner and homeowners find themselves letting their imaginations get the better of them. Strange noises in water pipes can disturb a restless night's sleep in more ways than one.

Whether it’s terror or the horrors of costly repairs, spooky pipe noises are hard to overcome. This article will discuss some of the more common causes of those strange noises, and give homeowners an idea of how to resolve them once and for all.

October Brings Out The Pipe Spooks

The month of October is full of thrills and chills that are meant to keep you up at night. Halloween comes at the cost of imagining there is more to the spooky noises homes can make during the night.

One aspect of a home that can be particularly creepy is the plumbing system. Pipes, when not working at top capacity, can make some unusual sounds that are not normal. While these noises can be offputting, and the Halloween atmosphere lends to spooky thoughts, these sounds are (for the most part) actually harmless.

Issues like water pressure and malfunctioning mechanisms can cause plumbing pipes to emit sounds that are outside the normal plumbing sounds. All of these sounds can be corrected when the homeowner is aware of the cause.

Water Pressure Can Cause Scary Humming

water pressureWater pressure that is not at an optimal level can cause many problems to arise in water pipes. One of the most disturbing of those problems is a humming noise. Generally, the humming noise is caused by water pressure that is too high.

As the water pressure is too high, it is moving at a fast rate through your pipes. This can cause a vibration that will produce a humming sound. An easy way to check is to make sure the water valves are working correctly.

While the humming noise is present, turn off each valve one at a time until the noise stops. Once the sound is eliminated, you can safely assume that this particular valve needs repair. In the case of a broken valve, or if the sound persists, a professional will be required to assist with the situation.

Toilets Can Whistle Without Supernatural Help

A whistling toilet can be offputting when the cause is unknown; especially in severe cases where the toilet screeches loudly. As with humming though, the problem exists within the plumbing. The most common cause of a whistling toilet is the fill valve.

When a toilet flushes, there is a fill valve in the tank that measures the amount of water that goes into the tank. As the water is filling, the valve is open. The valve is attached to a bobber that rises with the water. When the water reaches its designated amount, the bobber stops rising and the valve closes.

whistling sounds

The whistling noise is a side effect of a valve that is old, damaged, or broken. When the valve is unable to open or close correctly, the pressure escaping creates a whistling noise. In the right circumstances, it can create a screeching noise that can be unsettling.

Generally, replacing this mechanism will stop the problem, however, homeowners are encouraged to call an expert when not familiar with the repair/ replace process as it can lead to bigger more costly repairs.

Air Bubbles Create Loud Bangs

air bubblesLoud banging noises can be startling when they happen in the middle of the night. Chances are, if they are connected to your water pipes, the noise will happen while you are standing at the sink. Though this can still be startling, it is another product of water pressure.

Air bubbles are created in water pipes when the water pressure is too low. Another signal of air bubbles besides banging is when the water stutters when the faucet is first turned on. On the other hand, water pressure that is too high can also cause banging noises in the form of water hammers.

Water hammers are caused by the water traveling too fast towards the faucet when the faucet is turned off. Like a car crash, the water comes to a sudden stop and will cause a loud banging sound to come from the pipes. Either of these issues is repairable with the assistance of a professional plumber.

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