Extra Thankful for Working Garbage Disposals


Garbage Disposals: The Hero of Thanksgiving!

The holiday season is a time to give thanks for all of the wonderful blessings in life. Many people give thanks for family, friends, or good health. 

But people also give thanks for all of the little things in life. Even a working garbage disposal is something to be grateful for, especially since it simplifies the clean-up stage of holiday meals and prevents plumbing clogs.

Garbage Disposals Stop Clogged Drains

Many homes have garbage disposals because they are a great way to prevent sink clogs. How exactly does this device work? It is placed directly under the kitchen sink drain to temporarily collect food waste in a chamber. It then grinds up the waste into smaller pieces, making it easier for the waste to move through the pipes without causing a clog.

There's never a good time for a garbage disposal breakdown, but it's especially inconvenient in the middle of the holiday season. If it stops working, it won't break up the food waste that falls down the drain. This could lead to a clog in the pipes and cause water to back up into the sink. That's not exactly a good impression to leave guests when they're eating, drinking, and having a good time during Thanksgiving dinner!

4 Ways To Protect the Garbage Disposal


While garbage disposals are pretty durable, they aren't invincible. Homeowners still need to be careful with what they put down the drain to protect the garbage disposal and prevent problems.

  1. First of all, homeowners should never pour grease down the drain. It will harden as it cools and is one of the biggest causes of sink clogs.
  2. Homeowners shouldn't use drain cleaners on the kitchen sink. The chemicals in these products are very harsh and could damage the garbage disposal.
  3. Homeowners should only use cold water when the garbage disposal is turned on. This is the best way to prevent grease and oil from solidifying in the pipes. 
  4. Also, try to use natural solutions whenever possible. If the garbage disposal starts to develop a smell, grind up citrusy foods (like an orange or lemon peel) to eliminate the odor. 


When Is the Time to Call for Garbage Disposal Repair?

If homeowners properly care for and maintain their garbage disposal, they shouldn't experience any problems. However, like any device, garbage disposals can still malfunction due to age and normal wear and tear. 

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Homeowners should pay attention to the following signs to know if their garbage disposal needs to be repaired or replaced:

  1. It's not uncommon for garbage disposals to smell. It is a temporary home for food waste, after all. But if the smell won't go away, there may be food particles trapped in the unit's crevices. If this is the case, it needs to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to eliminate the smell.
  2. Garbage disposals should have a grinding noise when they are turned on. However, if the device starts making other loud noises, like screeching, this is typically a sign that the motor is wearing out and needs replacing.


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