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Discover How Snaking Pipes Can Be of Help in Clog Removal

Plumbers use a pipe snaking tool to clear clogs that block drains. The tool consists of a long metal cable with a handle with an uncoiled spring at the end. Typical plumbing snakes can stretch up to 50 feet, with the ability to coil it up for ease of storage.

Usually, a snake or pipe auger comes in handy for clogs that are too stubborn to remove with a plunger. This article discusses the process of snaking pipes and how it can help remove some of the toughest blockages from your plumbing.

Removing Visible Obstructions Made Easy

removing visible obstructionsBlockages have a strange way of occurring unexpectedly. If you don’t take any steps fast enough, your drains will stop flowing completely, and can eventually lead to a bigger problem like burst pipes.

Before you call a plumber, you could try a few quick fixes such as pouring boiling water, baking soda or white vinegar into the drain. This can help breakdown the blockage and often removes smaller ones altogether. Similarly, you can stop this issue altogether in high-usage areas like your tube or kitchen sink by adding a drain filter - just remember to clean it.

Essentially, when you’re dealing with a clog, the first thing you should do is to try and remove visible blockages from the troubled area. If the clog is small enough, this will fix it, and you’ll be back to working order in no time.

Using the Snake for Drain cleaning

Snaking is not a replacement for drain cleaning, and an even less competitor when referencing hydro-jetting vs. snaking. So first off, you need to ensure that the drain is clear of obstacles. As mentioned earlier, boiling water and chemicals when poured into the drain help dissolve grease.

Nonetheless, using a snaking pipe is not difficult. You may have to put on work clothes as the task will get you dirty. Once you identify a point of entry, insert the snaking pipe into the drain. Do not force it but begin to rotate its handle slowly and maintain a consistent pace. Proceed until you encounter the obstacle.

drain cleaning

Once found, the snake will wrap into or around the blockage. After a bit of spinning, you can pull the snake, which will essentially pull the blockage out of the pipe. In some cases, you may have to repeat the process, but eventually, the pipe will be completely free and clear.

Contact a Professional Plumber

professional plumberSnaking until you eventually clear a clog sounds easy. That is not a surprise. However, cleaning your drain after unclogging involves a lot more work and experience and could possibly leave you a broken pipe to repair.

If you’re struggling to find a fix ditch the DIY methods and opt for professional help. Trained plumbing contractors have the expertise, heavy-duty machinery, and tools needed to break up and remove any blockage in your plumbing.

Not only will it provide you an effective fit, but also you’ll have some peace of mind knowing you have someone to call on if the issue returns!

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