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Reasons You Should Invest in Plumbing Replacements Over Repairs

It's a debate every Miami, FL homeowner goes through when it comes to dealing with broken down plumbing devices. Repair or replace? Nobody wants to spend money replacing something that could be repaired, but nobody wants to get stuck constantly repairing something that breaks easily.

Every device in your home has a limited lifespan, but sometimes it's worth it to do a plumbing repipe. Installing a new plumbing device comes with a high initial cost, but a brand new machine won't need to be serviced as frequently, and modern models tend to be more eco-friendly. It may end up paying for itself down the road. So when is it time to buy a replacement? We go through several devices and the reasons for investing in replacements.

Water Heaters

“waterheater”There are several signs, which indicate your water heater is ready to be put to pasture. Water heaters generally last about ten years, but symptoms of a unit in decline may begin to present themselves well before this time.

Rust spots, water leaks, and loud noises, indicating sediment buildup, are always bad signs. These lead to inefficiencies and accelerated damage. Failure to heat water up to appropriate levels is also a sign of a heater in decline.

Tankless water heaters are a viable option if you're considering replacing your traditional device. They connect directly to a home's plumbing and produce a limitless supply of hot water on demand. There's also no need for a tank to heat up water, so you save space and fuel. Practical and energy efficient.

Kitchen Sinks

“kitchensink”There may be several reasons to replace a kitchen sink and faucets. One of the most apparent has to do with the age and state of the sink.

If you own an old sink that cracks frequently, there's a danger posed to the surrounding area. Water damage could spread from the sink.

Buying a new sink and properly sealing it could quell any crisis. If you don't own water-efficient faucets, a sink replacement is a perfect opportunity to purchase them. This should help with your water consumption and save you money on your water bill.

Shower Tops

“showertop”Sediment buildup in your shower top could affect not only water pressure and efficiency but lead to damaged plumbing, such as burst pipes, and water damage in the surrounding area.

If you're unable to fully clean up the clogs, it may be time to find a replacement shower top. This opportunity could also be taken to find a water-efficient shower top, which should help with water consumption and utility costs.

Washing Machines

“washingmachine”Washing machines have a life expectancy of about ten years. As you approach this mark, it may begin to exhibit signs of decline, which indicate it's in need of replacement washing machine.

If the machine leaks, and it's not caused by loose hoses or too big a load, there may be a crack in the tub.

Fixing this is a big job, and it may make more sense to buy a new device. A loud washer caused by a loose drum or motor mount, which would also be costly to fix, may warrant buying a new machine.

It would be wise to advantage of the situation by purchasing a modern, eco-friendly washing machine that saves on both water and energy. This could add up to big savings and help the environment.

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