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Should a Plumber Install Your Sink?

A lot of projects and installations around your home are certainly DIY and can be completed quickly, easily, and at little cost; however, there are also jobs that should be completed by professionals - a sink installation being one of them.

When you have a sink install that needs to be completed, trying to take the job on yourself with no experience in the area can lead to costly mistakes such as damaging the sink, incorrectly placed piping, and even water leaking and flooding issues.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved with installing a sink and why this particular job is best left to the experts.

How to Prepare the Sink for Installation

Before jumping to placing your new sink, you’ll need to make some preparations.

  • preparesinkFirst, measure your currently placed sink. You’ll want to make sure the sink itself will fit into your counter, as well as the drain holes will need to match up. If you don’t buy a sink that fits the measurements of your current one, you’ll need to make changes and adjustments to your counter and your drain placements.
  • Consider if you are going to have any components to the sink like a soap dispenser or sprayer as those will need to be measured for and accommodated as well.

How to Remove Your Old Sink

Now that you’ve prepped for your sink installation, it’s time to remove the sink.

  • removesinkSecondly, you’ll need to remove the old sink. Make sure you turn off the hot and cold water lines before doing this; you can do this by turning it off under the sink or turning off the house’s main water line. Once you’ve turned off the water, turn on the sink’s faucet to drain any remaining water.
  • Third, disconnect the water supply with a wrench. You can leave the faucet attached to the sink at this point and just remove it along with the sink.
  • Next, you’ll need to disconnect the garbage disposal. Be sure to turn off the circuit first, then unplug the disposal and use pliers to disconnect the p-trap and drain pipe from the sink drain.
  • Your next step will be to remove the dishwasher drain line and then remove the disposal. Be sure to follow the disposal manufacturer’s guidelines for removal.
  • Next, loosen the metal clips around the sink from underneath the counter. You’ll also need to cut the caulking with a utility knife. Then you should be able to lift the sink out and clean the area of any leftover grime.

How to Install Your New Sink

Now, you can install your new sink.

  • installsinkWhen placing the new sink, verify that it fits first. You can then modify the counters if needed and re-shape the dimensions.
  • Next, you’ll need to attach the clips to the sink and then install the faucet and any other components that you have with the sink.
  • The drain strainer will require some plumber’s putty, so place a dab on the underside and press firmly. Then tilt the sink and secure your rubber gaskets and threaded flange. This step repeats for non-disposal drains. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the disposal bracket to the bottom of the sink.
  • Next, to the edge of the basin, you’ll need to apply a bead of silicone. Then, lower your new sink onto the countertop opening and tighten the clips underneath.
  • You’ll now need to reattach the water lines and piping. Make sure all connections are tight.
  • You can now install the garbage disposal following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Also, the discharge pipe can be placed and the clamp tightened.
  • Once you’ve reinstalled the dishwasher drain next, you can then connect the drain of the disposal to the sink drain and reattach the P-trap.
  • Next, add a small dab of sealant to the outside perimeter of the new sink.
  • Lastly, you can restart the power to your garbage disposal and turn the water on to your new sink.

Your desire to complete this job yourself is commendable and while it’s not impossible to remove and install a new sink as a DIY project, considering all the steps above its probably for the best that you call an experienced and reputable plumbing company in to complete the job; a lot can go wrong during this process.

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