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Do it Yourself Tips and Tricks for Installing a Refrigerator

Many fridges now come with ice makers and water dispensers built right in the door. This can be extremely convenient, and supply your family with clean, cool water and ice for your drinks right when you need it. Instead of battling with water jugs, filters and ice trays, a press of a button will get you what you need.

If you are curious about DIY, connecting the water line and ice dispenser are pretty easy DIY kitchen plumbing jobs if you know what to do. Luckily, we do! We’ve put together a step-by-step guide.

Would you Rather Have Professional Help?

Professional InstallationWhile this doable by the home handyman, it might be preferable for you to get the job professionally done.

The reason is that if your water line isn’t well connected, you could suffer a great deal of water damage from leaks.

Having your Miami, FL plumber take care of this for you means that you are freed up to attend to other household items too.

How to Hook up the Water Line for the Water Dispenser

waterdispenserFor both the ice line and the water dispenser, your first step is to turn the water supply off. You don’t want to get wet while doing this job.

First, find your water supply line. The cold water (the line that you’ll be using) is usually located on the right. Turn the valve so that that pipe is off.

Drill holes in the surrounding cabinetry (or in the basement ceiling, depending on where the piping is going). Wrap one end of the tubing that came with your supply kit into the valve and seal tight with thread-seal tape.

Thread the tubing through the cabinetry (or up through the floor) and make your way to the fridge, wrapping the tubing in big coils behind the fridge. Attach the other end of the piping the water dispenser valve, securing in place with a compression fitting.

How to Hook up Your Fridge Ice Maker

icemakerIt is time to get those ice cubes going to cool your drinks. Identify the cold water line and determine where on the water line the valve for the ice maker is going to go. Drill a small hole in the line and attach the valve in place with clamps.

Thread the tubing through to the fridge, again leaving lots of extra coil, so that you can pull the fridge out without problems. Slide a compression nut and a ferrule onto the tubing and fasten in place to the fridge valve.

Be sure to discard the first round of ice cubes, just to make sure clean water has made its way through.It’s easy to take good care of your kitchen plumbing. Just ask us how!

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