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If Your Water Bill is Getting Out of Hand, Try These 4 Tips For Lowering It

If you are shocked by the amount on your water bill then you should take a two-pronged approach to finding out why it is suddenly too high. First of all, question all family members to see if water is being used extravagantly.

It could be that someone is secretly watering the garden to have the lushest one on the block or that someone is washing their motorcycle every day. Secondly, incorporate these three simple lifestyle changes to help reduce, reuse and recycle water in your home.

#1 Take A Shower Instead of Having a Bath

ShowerThere are a few ways that taking a shower can help cut your water bill costs. Taking a shower instead of a bath can cut the cost of getting clean by 50%.

It also helps to install a low-flow showerhead, which paces out the way the water flows out of the pipes, often also resulting in a reduction of water consumption of 60%.

If you shut off the water as you clean yourself and cut down the amount of time that you spend in the shower, you can also save about five gallons of water per minute.

#2 Recycle The Greywater That You Use In The Garden

Water PlantsThe greywater that you use for washing just about anything can be saved from your bathtub, showers, kitchen sink and washing machines. Greywater may be slightly contaminated with food, grease and dirt and even a bit of soap and still be safe for use in your garden.

However, if the water contains high amounts of baking soda, salt bleach, ammonia or human feces, then it is not a good idea to irrigate your garden with it. Call a professional plumber to find out how you can hook up your washing machine with a flexible hose so that greywater from doing laundry is always funneled into your garden.

#3 Take Your Car to a Carwash

Car WashWashing your car at an automated car wash saves both money and the environment for two reasons. Car washes have automated water systems which help conserve water bill for the carwash facility and also they are required by law to dispose of wastewater in an earth-friendly way.

Water from car washes is treated and filtered at a treatment plant or at the business site, where it is often recycled and used again. By contrast, if you wash your car at home, you end up using a great deal more water from your hose, the wastewater ends up in the gutter and drains where it possibly flows into streams, rivers, and the ocean.

#4 Have A Professional Plumber Inspect Your Home For Leaks

Water LeakRemember that if your water bill is still exceedingly high after you have made efforts to recycle or cut down on water, then there might be a plumbing leak somewhere in your basement or behind a wall.

You can sometimes feel wetness on the wall or even smell mold and mildew growth as the result of a tiny leak in a pipe. Sometimes a faulty backwash of water saturates the soil around a home and causes issues.

It is important for Miami, FL residents to have any issues like this addressed as fast as possible as you might be paying for gallons of water that is leaking into the ground or beneath your home’s foundation.

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