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Trusted Water Leak Detection Information

Your home is likely your biggest asset, which is why you need to take every precaution to protect it as best you can. One of the greatest threats to your home is water damage.

It’s not water damage from flooding that causes most of the damage to a home; it is actually water leaks that are the culprit.

That’s why leak detection is a crucial skill to have as a homeowner. Here is what you need to know.

Where Should I Look for Leaks?

While leaks can happen anywhere you have plumbing or plumbing fixtures (this includes inside and outside your home), there are a few spots where they happen most often.

Cracked or rusted piping will fracture and let water leak out. Leaky joints on pipes won’t be able to keep water inside.

You’ll see evidence of these leaks in damp spots on your walls, mold growth and water damage spots ceiling-leakon your floors or ceilings.

It’s also common for leaks to occur in bathrooms where the tiles are loose, or the bathtub/shower isn’t caulked tightly.

The tiles are meant to act as a barrier to water, and if they are loose, the water gets through.

Plumbing fixtures are also common spots for leaks, especially toilets, sinks, and faucets. If you center your leak detection on these areas, you should be able to trace it back to the source.

Preventative Maintenance Ideas

You need to keep on top of home maintenance to keep leaks at bay. Upgrade old piping.

As it ages, it is more prone to cracks and corrosion. Drain your hot water tank every once in a while to get rid of sediment.

Make sure that your irrigation system is functioning properly. Test your toilets for leaks by placing food coloring in the tank.

If the bowl gets the color, you have a leak. Keep water pressure on the low side so as to not create undue pressure on the pipes.

Water Damage is Serious

In a humid climate like Miami, don’t underestimate the power of mold growth.

This is made even worse if you sustain water damage in your home.mold Mold growth is extremely dangerous.

It can make your home uninhabitable and be very expensive.

If your home’s structure sustains water damage, you could be dealing with an inconvenient, costly mess.

You may even have to move out while it gets fixed.

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