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Why Saving Water For Summer Is Key

Everyone talks about conserving water, but many don’t do anything about it. Some only wait until their water bill gets high enough to where they have to complain about it before they start realizing that they need to conserve water as much as possible. It’s easy to save water, but the fact is, many people are oblivious as to how to keep water and about the things they are doing that promote water waste.

conserve-waterThose who waste water are not only raising their water bill but also taking away extra water that can be used for important things in their home as well as in other homes that also get the same supply water. Not because you’re paying your water bill doesn’t mean that everyone else won’t suffer from water waste, which is evident when there is a water crisis, and everyone has to conserve.

You Can Lower Your Water Bills By

Although many say they don’t know how they can better conserve water, it’s incredibly simple, and the following is a list of ways on how you can save water in your home.

  • Only take a 5-minute shower
  • Limit baths or take none at all, take a shower
  • Don't ever allow faucets to run unless the water is being collected
  • Collect water to wash dishes instead of running water
  • Bathe pets on the lawn to water the lawn same time
  • Take water drained from the water heater, and water the lawn or plants
  • Get new appliances that conserve water
  • Add flowers to the home that require very little water
  • Use water on the plants and grass when the sun goes down

Use a water bottle instead of several glasses to cut back on washing cupsIf you know, you’ve been guilty of taking very long showers that last 10 or even 20 minutes or more; then you may save more water if you take a bath. Taking a shower is something that should only be done rarely because it uses up to 30-50 gallons of water, depending on how full the tub is when the bath is being taken.

If you choose to take a shower, then take the leftover water and use it to do some cleaning, or water the lawn if possible, especially if the water is not dirty. You may also want to consider bathing several children in the bathtub as opposed to running a different set of bath water for each child, which also can conserve water usage.

Another thing to consider is how you’re using the water when you brush your teeth. Many don’t think about the water they waste when they brush their teeth, but it can easily equal a gallon or more, and brushing your teeth several times a day means you can be wasting several gallons of water daily. It’s also important to realize that a toilet can waste water, especially if it’s not low flow.

Having a low flow toilet in the home may be the best choice because it uses a lot less water each time it flushes. Also, consider your garbage disposal unit because you have to run the water every time you turn the unit on, which means you could be using several gallons of water to run the unit each day. It’s probably best to throw your garbage away as opposed to using the waste disposal unit, especially if you’re looking to conserve water.

Washing dishes is important, but did you know that using a dishwasher takes up less water than washing and rinsing dishes in the sink? If you use your dishwasher, then it can save you a lot of water usage, even though it may use up more energy in your home than washing dishes by hand.

You also need to check your washer, which may take up more water than it needs to wash clothes, so you may need to manually stop the water from filling up the washer, or set it to stop when it reaches the height of the clothing inside. Many things can be done in the home to keep water from being wasted, so look around and see what you can do to save water in the home.

rain-barrel-collection-systemYou May Be Wasting Water Because Of Leaks

Another thing to consider is leaks in the home because many leaks may be present that are costing you money and wasting water. If you’re trying to conserve water, especially in the summertime, you want to look out for leaks.

The summertime matters most because water is used more frequently in the summer, especially for those who have pools that need refilling and children that want to go under the sprinklers to cool off.

Look for leaking garden hoses, leaking faucets, leaking toilets and more, and make sure you get them fixed. It’s also possible that there may be leaks from plumbing in the wall or underground, which is also wasting water. When you know there are leaks in your home that you cannot get to or cannot find; then it’s time to get your plumber.

Make Sure Your Plumber Knows What's Wrong

A plumber has several methods to find out if they are leaks in or around the home, and not only can they find the holes but also fix them as well. Once the leaks are fixed, then you will see that water conservation is a lot easier in the home because the leaks may have been wasting many gallons of water compared to what you are using now.

If leaking plumbing has to be repaired, then it may be necessary to replace pipes or fixtures in the home to fix the leaks. Also, don’t forget that if you have an irrigation system that leaks can be present there as well, so have your plumber check the system too.

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