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Your Guide for Having Summertime Fun Without Wasting Water

Thousands of people across North America are now looking at their water bills and wondering what they can do to reduce costs while conserving water resources.

With the peak of the summer now here, it’s also the time in which many are playing outdoor water games with their children in their backyards.

And so now there’s an unprecedented opportunity for homeowners across the country to limit their water resources while still enjoying summer fun with their families. In this latest post, we’ll explain more on how to enjoy outdoor water games while limiting your use of water resources.

Play When Your Lawn Needs Water

You can enjoy your sprinkler while conserving energy resources by only playing with water outside when you need to water the lawn anyway.

Most don’t consider the previous day's weather when they think about outdoor water activities. But if you only play when the weather has been dry, you can ensure you save on water use over time.

You might consider a game of jump the hose, for example. As part of this game, a person stands on one side of the lawn holding the hose. And then those on the other side of the lawn have to jump over the spray. By raising the hose a little each time, you can increase the difficulty of the game.

Consider Replacing Water Balloons with Sponges

One great option for reducing water waste while playing with your kids this summer is to ditch the water balloons and use sponges during playtime instead.

Sponges can be reused on a regular basis, and each throw doesn’t require much water compared with water balloons. This will help you to save gallons of water as you enjoy your playtime over the coming months.

Play Pass the Water Balloon

Another fun game to play with your kids this summer is pass the water balloon.

This game begins with everyone sitting a circle while passing around a water balloon. A person outside the circle starts music in the background. Then they decide to end the music, the person left holding the water balloon has the balloon dropped over them.

In most cases, the balloon will be popped well before the music stops, as everyone tries to pass off the balloon before the music stops. Our team can help you to reduce your water use costs as you enjoy play time with your family and friends this summer.

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