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10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Of the many projects a homeowner can complete to improve the look and feel of their home, bathroom remodeling remains one of the most desirable for many. Improving the look and feel of your bathroom changes the entire ambiance of the home. This is just the start of reasons to remodel your bathroom.

Continue reading as we discover 10 of the best reasons to hire a bathroom remodel company without delay and make those bathroom improvements.

 Miami, FL bathroom remodeling1. Outdated Look

If you've owned your home for a while without any improvements made to the bathroom, there's a good chance your look is far outdated and in need of freshening. Sprucing your bathroom up a bit with modern appliances and technology enhances the entire space of the room and instantly brings your home into this century.

2. Mold/ Mildew Stains

Mold and mildew grow in wet or moist areas, thus the bathroom is one of the main locations of their existence. Both look unsightly and add a horrible odor to your Miami home, but worst of all, both may cause an array of health concerns, including trouble breathing for patients with respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies.

It is easier to prevent mold and mildew than it is to treat it. New bathroom enhancements ensure that mold isn't a problem for you to worry about.

3. Family Growth

Typically, homes are built with small bathrooms that might not be very accommodating to a larger family. If your family is continuing to grow or is already large, adding space to the bathroom is an ideal way to keep everyone sane and on time to work, school, etc.

4. Damage to the Bathroom's Fixtures

Whether it is damage to the showerhead or the toilet, the floor or to the lighting, a gloomy, unkempt look is always created when this problem exists. Rather than sacrifice the quality of your home, a bathroom remodeler is there to repair, replace, and create an awesome-looking bathroom once again.

5. Updated Appliances

Appliances are not created like they used to be and most would agree that's a positive step in the right direction. Today it is easy to find energy –efficient appliances that save money on your water and energy usage and improve bathroom functionality. This includes commodes, sinks, and even walk-in showers and tubs.

6. Protect Your Home

Remodeling the bathroom is an excellent way to protect your home. Over time wear and tear can cause a variety of issues with your home, including those inside of the bathroom. If you notice any of the following issues inside of your bathroom, your home is at risk and could use a little bit of TLC with bathroom remodeling:

  • Missing tiles
  • Holes in floors
  •  Mold/ Mildew (as mentioned above)
  • Missing hardware
  • Hard water pressure or low water pressure

7. Increased Value

Although no plans to relocate and sell your Miami home may be in place right now, you never know what decisions you'll make in the future. A bathroom remodel now may cause an increase in home value later. In fact, reports indicate that bathroom remodeling adds 20% more value to your home.

8. Your Own Space

Unless you built your home from the bottom up, you currently reside in the creation of another person's work. Instead of living in someone else's work, a remodel enables you to custom design the bathroom to your exact specifications. It makes you feel all warm and cozy inside to know this is your bathroom!

9. It is inexpensive.

A variety of remodeling improvements are available for the bathroom, many of which are very inexpensive. Some of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to remodel your bathroom (with big results) include:

  • Change the hardware on the cabinets or on the sink
  •  Replace the shower head
  •  Add a walk-in shower

 Miami, FL bathroom remodeling 210. Now is time for a change.

Do you really need a reason to remodel your bathroom? A simple 'because I want to' is really reason enough to begin a home remodeling project without delay. Sometimes you simply desire a change, and a bathroom refresher does the trick wonderfully.

Choosing Your Bathroom Renovation Projects

With so many possibilities, deciding which improvements you want to tackle can be difficult if you aren't in a position for a complete makeover. Make life easier and keep these things in mind when choosing the projects you will complete:

  • Budget: It is in your best interest to prepare a budget before the project starts (but do keep in mind that about 85% of projects go over the anticipated budget amount.)
  • Musts: If there is damage to the bathroom or anything inside it, these are the obvious points to start remodeling first.
  • Wants: Once you've allotted money for the necessities, determine the things that you really want to see changed inside of the bathroom.

A New Bathroom Awaits You

The 10 reasons to remodel listed above are just some of the many. One thing is for certain; if you want an awesomely easy and inexpensive way to update or change your home, for any reason, it is very simple when you start with the bathroom. Where would you like to begin with your project?

For the best remodeling in your Miami, FL home, call Falcon Plumbing at (305)-251-7333.

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